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Muse Of Pooja Mago

Muse Of Pooja Mago

Women are our most miraculous muse, an enchanted intangibility that encourages all art.

Our muse is the confident, bold and exquisitely beautiful modern woman who has managed to carve her niche among the cacophony of these highly competitive times. We draw our inspiration from the voguish diva who has chosen to listen to her heart despite all odds and has found her sacred space where she can be in her most sublime essence!

Our designs are crafted around the fine nuances of today’s feminine energy which is resplendent and shimmering with conviction and strong will to conquer all she has set out to achieve!

Peppy, Cheerful, Carefree and an Enigma she challenges our creativity and we oblige by creating fashion for her!

Her wish is our most cherished command and her versatility motivates us to design something to complement her unique charisma.

Experimenting with different fabrics, cuts, styles, embroideries and accessories, we work relentlessly strive to create for her the ensembles she so deserves to adorn!

Her fascinating persona leads the way and we follow the gullies of her passionate desires to drape her in the alluring bight sky with stars and moon as embellishments!

She-the most sublime core of this Universe,

We with our Vision- Her official Drapers!

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