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A Collection of Shirts

Everyday Elegance

Introducing Everyday Elegance, a stunning collection of shirts designed exclusively for fashion-forward women of all age groups & tastes! This collection is all about embracing the beauty of intricate embroideries, the finest fabrics, and impeccable tailoring.

We believe that elegance should be a part of our everyday lives, and that’s why we’ve created these exquisite shirts that effortlessly elevate any outfit. From delicate floral patterns to mesmerizing geometric designs, each embroidery is a true work of art.

Not only do these shirts exude sophistication, but they are also surprisingly affordable. We believe that everyone deserves to feel elegant without breaking the bank.

So, ladies, get ready to add a touch of glamour to your wardrobe with Everyday Elegance. Step into the world of timeless style and indulge in the luxury of high-quality fabrics and meticulous tailoring.


Enter The World Of Our Couture Collections

Glitter & Glamour


A little glitter, some grandeur and lots of magic. That is exactly what our bridal collection ‘Womaniya- for every fun loving bride’ is made of. The shimmering revolution on aesthetics and design is etched out of finest fabrics with a keen attention to every finest detail. The superlative ideas come together with a vision to create something as unique and dreamy as the brides-to-be. Each ensemble with it’s fine cuts, structure and volume is crafted to complement the elegant female silhouette and is defined stunningly with our seasoned workmen deftly working for many days to create a masterpiece one after other, each unique, each holding a promise of love and trust that marriage is made of!


The Royal Saga


‘Victoria- The royal saga’ is a sumptuous collection inspired by the grand Victorian Era which believed in the clothes being an expression of a women’s grace & elegance.
Crafted and cut from layers of organza, tulle laces, and silks accentuate with flounces and sumptuous accessories, this collection beholds its charm in the layers of ruffles, layers, gathers and cold colours. A fine embellishment of gold and silver add to it’s regal charm, making it an extraordinary choice for the phenomenal women who adorn them!

For The Connoisseur of Design

The Girl In The Woods

Deep in the wilderness of woods there lies a serene sense of peace and Solitude. ‘The Girl in the Wood’ collection is dedicated to that very serenity, calmness and poise which only a woman is capable of emulating. An amalgamation of soft colors and sensuous hues, this collection is for the women who set the standards to match all that is sublime and unique!

Always create space for a poised elegance in your existence.

Where Dreams Collide With Reality

New Age Cinderella

New Age Cinderella is a collection that is crafted out of a fairy tale. It is a tribute to modern women who have dared to trust their hearts, followed their calling and have realised their dreams!

We believe that whatever height a woman reaches, there is a girl inside her who will always believe in a Fairy tale!

Crafted in Tulle and Silk, embroidered and embellished in the finest of Materials, the mesmerising gowns and dresses are a Fairy Tale come true!

This collection is for all the New Age Cinderellas!

May their dreams always come true!

Shop Collection


There is ordinary, there is extraordinary and then there is a phenomenon called a woman!

The modern age woman is moving ahead with newfound confidence carving a niche for herself in society. Her fine ideas are spearheaded with the thought of bringing a change in the mainfold of society! 

She has realised that her power comes from empowering other women, so as she works towards realising her dreams, she touches every life around her with a Midas touch only the feminine energy is capable of!

She is Bohemian yet stylish, she is subdued yet confident, flamboyant and stylish, with a verve for finer things in life, her feet firmly on the ground, and she reaches for the stars!

Our collection ‘Panache- celebrating the contemporary woman’ is an ode to the modern age Diva who holds in the layers of her majestic persona unparalleled grace and exquisiteness!

Crafted out of plush fabrics, tulle, feathers, resplendent motifs, bows and sumptuous embroideries, this collection represents the enigma and the phenomena that are the modern-age woman!

The superlative design of this range is done keeping in mind the fine tastes of the women who understand fashion most subtly and intrinsically!

A rhapsody created out of the best of the contemporary fashion styles and hues. This is a collection that celebrates the Sublime Art of being a woman!

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