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About Us

"I don't design clothes. I design dreams." —Ralph Lauren

A designer who believes in eternal styles, Pooja Mago’s keen fashion sense and aesthetics are focused on creating designs that are resplendent with extraordinary designing, intricate embroideries and classy embellishments. Her work is an extravaganza of sublime fashion and luxurious trends that define the ethos of her exquisite and unique style in the versatile fashion industry. Her work is surreal, edges off the usual and is enigmatic. In short, Label Pooja Mago is rightfully a ‘Celebration of being a woman’!

Our Vision

At Pooja Mago, we are committed to designing clothes that are stylish, trendy & yet practical. Blending the rich Indian traditions and Contemporary Fashion, the designer house creates garments that enthral and entice!

The legacy of Label Pooja Mago has been built with the belief that in this ever-changing world, we can make a difference by being able to provide our clients with an ‘Everlasting Impression’!

For Us each garment carries a tale within, beginning from the idea behind its conceptualisation, choosing the right fabric, the intricate craft of artisans and workmen who work hard to put the whole idea together to the woman who graces the thought behind the garment by adorning it,  are all very significant part of this tale of love and creation. 

A Word From The Designer

For as long as I can remember, fashion has enticed me. From wrapping up my dolls as a child to trying different trends as a teenager to being a ‘fashion consultant’ to my friends in college, the seed of creative designing grew along with me. 

When I spotted a fabric or pattern I liked, it seemed to talk to me and I formed a kind of bond with it wanting to turn it into a story with embroidery and embellishments! 

That is what my design ideas have always been to me, ‘A Story waiting to be Told’!

After completing my formal education as a fashion designer and settling down in Ludhiana, a city that envelopes in its fold the charismatic opulence and keen fashion sense. A city whose pace can adapt to both slow and fast, a city which dares to dream big and a city which knows how to keep its pace with the world!

About a decade and a half back, the fashion in India underwent a phenomenal change with Big Designer labels which were known to dress only stars and niche houses of India coming into reach of more people. And the Era of labels and designer fashion began!

I was thrilled to see fashion marking its presence in common lives and wanted to be very much a part of this revolution! 

Moreover, as I saw the people of my City having to make headway for Delhi for all their Fashion needs, I resolved to give Ludhiana a brand of its own, a brand at Par with designers in Cosmopolitan cities, a brand that was their own and within their reach!

This Vision gave birth to a bigger Vision and the Sprawling Studio of ‘Pooja Mago ‘ was born out of the womb of an ethereal love story…my love story with Fashion!


I am Pooja Mago, A Designer, A Dreamer and a True Punjabi at heart when it comes to typically intricate flamboyance and simplicity in the most natural way!

Our Mission

Our mission is to celebrate the essence of the woman of today, who has learnt the fine art of balancing her work life with her home, beautifully blending the two different facets of her life through a blend of compassion and aesthetics that only a woman is capable of!

We work on creating clothes that define fashion in a way that is practical yet ethereal. Our veteran Karigars and workmen add a character to our clothes by putting together each garment with so much passion that each weave and thread echoes with resplendent stories from the bylanes of the City rich in Culture and Heritage

Our Journey

I believe fashion is not only the prerogative of the chosen few. Fashion is something that tinkles in the eyes of a woman every time she dresses up in her favourite attire” Pooja Mago

Pooja Mago comes from a renowned family of Ludhiana. Married to the owner of Kitty Breads, Vishesh Mago, this spirited Fashion postgraduate from NIIFT always nurtured a budding dream to create a niche fashion brand for the women of Ludhiana in her passionate bosom. Ludhiana is a city known for its aplomb, flamboyance and stylish living. Ludhianavis like to live life king-size and the women like to stay abreast with latest fashion and trends. Pooja Mago noticed that the people of Ludhiana had to travel to Delhi to shop for the latest styles. Her main aim behind setting up her studio was to give the people of the city a brand that will do away with the need to travel to Delhi for shopping.

The seeds of her sublime desire sprouted in 2007 when she opened a small yet stylish boutique in a room of her house with just two works men and later a 500 square ft enterprise called  ‘Pooja Mago’

Her hard work, perseverance, sincerity, her keen aesthetic sense and above all her resilience led to her earning a sustainable reputation and clientele in both India and abroad.

In just a few years the name Pooja Mago started to resonate with a keen sense of fashion and style.

The tiny dream long carried in the heart of a spirited woman of substance blossomed into reality with the opening of her flagship store on 24th February 2019 at the very upbeat, posh and popular shopping lane ‘Malhar Road ‘ in Ludhiana.

There has been no looking back for the brand since, with the name  Pooja Mago now undoubtedly synonymous with one of the most reputed and niche brands of Ludhiana.